Together with Tuple

Service · Community · Faith · Integrity

Tuple Software create products that foster groups of real people gathering in real situations focused on positive outcomes. Kaleo, our first product, helps communities thrive by simplifying and expanding local volunteering. Contact us if you wish to discuss how our software expertise and our values can be used to customize or develop other applications to support local communities through facilitating group gatherings.

Our Values


We believe in sharing our time, skills, and resources to help others.  Serving together builds strength in ourselves and in those around us.


Communities are the building blocks of society, providing a sense of identity and belonging.

We believe that communities are stronger and more resilient when built on support for one another.


Faith is our source of hope, wisdom and strength.


We endeavor to speak with clarity, act with accountability, and inspire others to do the same.

Kaleo™ is a community-centered mobile app and platform that connects church members and other volunteers to local non-profits with support needs, in real time. Together, we build stronger communities.